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Jacob Boehme?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:45 am
by Cybernetic_Jazz
I'm really considering digging into his work. While the 20th century had a lot of greats that I've touched on - ie. Hall, Steiner, Case, Fortune, Knight, were inspired by many of the 19th century greats were in France including Papus and Levi and they were inspired in large part by work done in the late 18th century, LCdSM and MdP. LCdSM and Papus almost had mirror existences in terms of starting out with theurgy and stepping away from it later in life toward more direct mysticism (for LCdSM it was Boehme, for Papus it was Meister Philippe de Lyon). When I look at it that way, its quite likely that much of the mystical import of modern occultism owes a lot of history to both Boehme and perhaps to somewhat of a lesser extent Martinez de Pasqually.

In looking at his catalog of writings I'm still trying to figure out which one to read first - any suggestions?

It looks like Aurora was his first and his largest, which makes me guess that he put it out under some pressure and that it might be the best summary to where his later books were just elaborations? If so I'll read that first, but I am curious if there is an 'essential Boehme' somewhere in the collection outside of that which I should consider as well.