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Seal bad Memories

Seal bad Memories

Postby Memoro » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:53 pm

My new Girlfriend has a verry tragic Past. She's often verry sad Everytime she's remembering this I want to help her so she can letvgo. Because I'm often use Magick for different Things I have the Idea to use some Sort of Memory Spell has anybody a Spell for auch Situations?
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Re: Seal bad Memories

Postby Sypheara » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:51 am

In my experience, there is no easy forgetting spell. There are plenty of uncrossing spells, which usually used for people who are cursed, can be used to break the chains of abuse suffered. This should be done with her present if you two can work together well in this regard.

If you arn't experienced enough with this you should seek professional help, to help deal with the long term spiritual damage. If possible, she should also see counselling and medical help to help her deal with her past.

Attack it on both levels and you will see some success. Im afraid however, there is no quick cure for forgetting bad memories that have become tape stuck. The above will work however.

I wouldn't normally come out of hibernation for this as it were, but you've hit a topic close to home.
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Re: Seal bad Memories

Postby Cerber » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:21 am

There is no context, without it any advice is just pure speculation and a fantasy, but..
I've been walking with somebody through the darkness of one's past before, if I may put it dramatically. I don't believe there is an easy fix, some magic plaster, a pill. Some past memories, experiences like cracks that spread out to the far reaches of one's psyche, personality, soul. It takes time to carefully and gently map it, before you can even begin to contemplate where and how you could start fixing. That is when somebody actually trust you enough even let you get that close. I mean I believe only in hands on approach, hard painstaking work (unless you are some kind of natural healer, with naturally good sense of such matters, and people are naturally inclined open up to you, roll over belly up..)
I think best you can do, just let her hear by her self in time, with your support. You can let feed of you when her batteries down, let her hide in your shadow when the sun is too bright, and other things, some of which might be questionable. If you actually care enough to "watch paint dry" for the next decade or so. Unconditionally, I must add, because if you secretly hoping to be some kind of hero, hoping for some reward at the end of that road (which would be entirely understandable) forget it, you already starting on the wrong foot. There for I think it works better on friends than on lovers, friendships last longer than love.
Just my take on these things, as a low level amateur with not a lot of experience.
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Re: Seal bad Memories

Postby Shawn Blackwolf » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:37 am

Subconscious memory patterns are directly connected to the *dreaming body*...

( gut level connection )

Not *light body* , *astral body* , or any other...

Though the *forget* command is directly connected to the *light body*

( above physical body )

Psychological processing , focusing on iterative and repetitive metaprogramming commands ,
and hypno - dream state algorithms , can be used...yet Cerber , and Sypheara , are correct...

I have been with some partners , I would wager , have a past far worse than your present one...

It is not easy for any involved , and those who have gone through deep trauma , often have
multi layers of twisted cording to be unraveled , ***extremely*** carefully , with professional
help , as there can be mental / emotional / psychic resistance to healing , and possible mindbreak
in the process...

Tread carefully between the lobes of the brain , the heartstrings , and gut level tentacle cording... [thumbup]

( good to see you , Cerber ! )
Shawn Blackwolf
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Re: Seal bad Memories

Postby the_spiral » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:34 am

I agree with everyone above.

The issue with a "memory spell" is that nothing short of brain damage can permanently erase them. Memories are imprinted on our consciousness for our lifetimes so the most you could do for her is repress them. And that's not a long term solution for happiness. So it's better for her to process those memories so they no longer have power to harm her wellbeing. This could involve journaling, self healing spells, meditative techniques, therapeutic interventions etc. It takes time and effort but it can be done.

One powerful technique I've heard of is "freezing" the traumatic memory and intervening as your current self (empowered with any weapons or tools needed), rescuing your past self from the negative event by whatever means necessary, and taking them somewhere safe and comforting to administer whatever healing they need. This can be repeated as a meditative exercise, and over time can actually help heal the past self from the trauma. Magical guardians can be invoked for this purpose too.
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