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What is in it???

Religious rules and laws, structures and ontologies.

What is in it???

Postby Pinocchio » Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:33 am

The Left pillar, added together culminates in 13. I then add 1 and 3 and produce 4.
Then I go to Psalms and read chapter 13, verse 4. As I do, I realize the left pillar is a pillar of severity or "Brute force".
I further my understanding by repeating the process with the right pillar, which is a pillar of Mercy or "gentle persuasion". This then becomes a lesson on instruction and I understand the value of numerology and Psalm and cábala. I again repeat the process with the middle pillar. I do so without daath. This then states, according to Psalms that I am digging where my nose does not belong.

Psalm: 55.10:
Day and night we prowl about its walls, malice and abuse are within it.

Can we herein now gather and try to build on this subject... ??? Thanks you guys and gals.
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Re: What is in it???

Postby neofight » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:12 pm

It says right in that psalm that "malice and abuse are in it"
Why this might be? Probably because it is so sacred, holy and powerful that we don't deserve to peek.
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