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How media is using bias and syllogism against you.

Exploring the Philosophical side of the Occult.

How media is using bias and syllogism against you.

Postby Desecrated » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:49 pm

Trump is an American
Americans are brave and honest
Therefore, Trump is brave and honest.


You would think this kind of cheap trick would be unable to fool anybody, but it is incredible effective and it is used by the media over and over again. Not just in america, but around the world.

So, why is it so effective?

Syllogism sounds very logical, you can even make logical predictions using this method. But it requires more than 2 steps. Usually about 4 steps to get a clear overview. But the argument above seems logical enough for us.

The other factor is of course your own bias. The second row is the one that really messes with you, and forces you to come to a different conclusion than you had before. If you think America is the best country in the world, the land of the free the home of the brave, that second statement will ring true with you. And thus, the third statement will FEEL logical, but it isn't.


Bill Maher uses this sort of method a lot.

Rick perry is a christian
All Christians are stupid
Therefore Rick Perry is stupid

Here we have it working two ways. Because it is true that Rick perry is a christian, and it is also true that he is a moron. So line 1 and line 3 both points towards line 2 being true.


Using absolutes this way is a really sneaky method to get you to agree to something you might not believe. In the first example it states that all Americans are brave and honest, and this is mostly true, a lot of amerians are brave and honest, but some aren't. And it's true that a lot of Christians are stupid, but not all.
In fact the statement "a lot Christians are stupid" is a form of syllogism in itself. It's a correlation without causation. It's not that most Christians are stupid, it's that most humans are stupid, and since christianity is the biggest religion in the world, it will also be the biggest group of stupid people. Religion is not in it self evil, Humans are mostly evil, Most humans are religious, therefore religion is often used as an excuse for evil acts.

Or, is that last statement just another trick?
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