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Differences in Perspective - Naive Realism

Exploring the Philosophical side of the Occult.

Differences in Perspective - Naive Realism

Postby blindwake » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:11 am

Let's say there's two people in a room. In this room is a colored cube. In objective terms, both people call the color of the cube "blue".

However, because people do not see the world directly, but in their own internal models, it is possible that what each person calls "blue" does not subjectively look the same.

Assume that the two people are identical twins, so they have the same physical structure, and should have more or less the same visual faculties.

If the physical side of the twins are the same, but the twins are seeing different colors, then the cause of this difference must be non-physical.

What non-physical element could be changing the color each person sees?

If you could somehow attach the perspectives of these two people to monitors, in order to see the subjective colors differences, what variables could you change to make both people see the same color?

The color is not its mapping, so how does the mapping (measurable wavelengths bounced off the cube) result in a subjective color? Where is the color if not directly where it appears?
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