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How to avoid getting tricked by advertisement (no video)

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How to avoid getting tricked by advertisement (no video)

Postby Desecrated » Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:16 pm

1. Advertisements never give you the full story, They don't show you reality as it is, just the part they want you to see.

2. The price in the add is rarely what you end up paying for it.

3. The performance of the advertised product is always exaggerated. When somebody is trying to sell you something they will always emphasize the good parts. It's the same with adds, movies, internet arguments or going on a date.

4. 99% of the qualifications presented in an add is BULLSHIT. 9/10 dentists don't give a shit about what toothpaste you use, 9/10 basketball-stars don't give a shit about their shoes, 9/10 people watching a movie isn't doing it because it's a good movie, they are doing it because they are fucking bored.
A movie is not good because it sold a lot of tickets, a food product is not good because it's familiar.

5. Evidence are fake! Every idiot with a google account can find at least one study, article or other scientific sounding junk that proves their argument. AND any idiot with the same access can probably find the opposite.
"studies says", "scientist says", "I read...".

6. Everything is a product.
EVERY THING is a product. Your personality is a product, it's you trying to sell yourself so that others will treat you a certain way. Everything is designed to attract you. You will feel attracted by some things. That doesn't mean it's good, it just means that it tickles your fancy.

7. Never trust the opening line. I told you that there would be no video.
Well here it is anyway:

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