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The wisdom of the way

Exploring the Philosophical side of the Occult.

The wisdom of the way

Postby neofight » Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:55 pm

There is no disputing the philosophy of the way, you may only rationalize away. The way is the philosophy, and one must extract that which stands in the way. What is the way?

The only thing I can do is to support the system that supports you as you discover why you made the choices you made. I would love to reach in and extract the decay, but without your permission, I cannot do that. However, I can find the cause of my own decay, and I must remove my own decay before I can contribute to the system. Once I have understood the source of my decay, I must ask myself if this is a necessary part of the design and choose what to do about it.

This is my wisdom of my way.
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Re: The wisdom of the way

Postby Spida » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:25 pm

Perhaps 'Decay' is somewhat metaphorical here in that there may be a slightly broader sense in its contextual meaning presented above in lieu of its conventional usage.

I see two forms of 'Decay' existing. First there is the 'Absolute' type, and then there is the 'Relative' type.

The absolute type is inevitable. We are Born, and our Physical Bodies progress to the Apex of the Bell Curve and then begins the gradual decline, although we may continue to Evolve/Progress Mentally and Spiritually in spite of this - there is a bit of irony here in that our Spirit may continue to ascend the Heavens while our 'Shells' are returning to Mother Earth.

The relative type of decay and its dynamics are determined by Chance, Choices, Free Will of Others and is Bound to the Absolute Type of Decay, but also exists independently of it. A Wheel Within a Wheel, each executing its own algorithm. The outer cycle is Static and Absolute, while the inner is variable and dynamic. When taken as a 'Thread' of individual existence the process is finite and linear, but when taken as a Universal Whole the process becomes Circular.

Magic may likely help with the Relative Type, but as far the Absolute, maybe, but that's very much different.
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