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A.M.S.G. by Valentin Scavr

A.M.S.G. by Valentin Scavr

Postby servantofthelord » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:11 am

Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam is a grimoire written by the Russian Valentin Scavr. There are no reviews aside from someone proclaiming it to be Anti-Cosmic Satanism but is listed as a traditional Diabolist text. Is anyone here familiar with this book? If so, what are your thoughts on its subject matter?

Orthodox Satanist here, following the Abrahamic religions versus the New Age ideals.
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Re: A.M.S.G. by Valentin Scavr

Postby Shawn Blackwolf » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:42 am

No...however , I would be interested in the contents , as if I am correct ,
it would deal with code within code , and the idea of the earlier , rather
than the later Hebrew tradition ( ie : before patriarchs )...

There was a time , called by some the time of the "First Temple" , where two
languages as one , worked together...Sinatic Obri ( Ayin - Beth - Resh - Yod )
and the Runic comparison ( pre Odinic )...( see illustration below )

In this one as two language , the original name was Sheathan ( later Shaithan )
yet spelled in Hebrew as Sh / S - T - N ( Shin - Teth - Nun ) with a gematria value
of 359 , or 1009...

It is worth noting 358 , is Messiah , or Serpent , in Hebrew gematria , with many
possible ways of seeing those three connections...

However , the older Sheathan ( Shin from Obri ) ( Th - Ea - An ) from Runic ,
yet comparing to the three Obri / Hebrew *Mother Letters* , as Aleph / Mem / Shin...

As Shin can mean "Spiritual Fire" one may see the implications...

Yet the gematria value of that spelling is 641...which one might find interesting...

641 = Divine Feminine ( 409 ) Kcebealla ( 82 ) Divine Masculine ( 13 ) Qabalah ( 137 )

Kce - Be - Al - La ( Runic Gematria )

Qabalah ( Obri / Hebrew )

Do note these are EXACT spellings , as in no substitutes , nor corruptions of ways to
spell the word , which came later , and was a code to hide the 24 Rune system of Men
under the 24 ways of spelling the word...( post patriarchy )...

( or the gematria values would not be the same , if the spelling was different )

The Women's Runes of 29 , are what are in the comparison below , as 22 of them are
in the comparison chart ( the others are purposefully omitted...too long to go into here )...

So the old name , Sheathan , which then dealt with feminine energy of the name , with
a hidden female - male code underneath , as I said had a value in gematria of 641...

Which relates to so many things by the secret tradition , that I could not even begin to
list them all here...yet for the matter of immediate context , and what I wonder if the
Grimoire deals with , is this :

Phoenix = 642

So my interest is / would be if the Grimoire dealt with techniques of the Phoenix , or
a rising from the flames , renewed...even if it was hidden in code under other writings
in the Grimoire...

I hope this sparks some interest for you...some fire to gaze into , one might say... [wink]
Shawn Blackwolf
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Re: A.M.S.G. by Valentin Scavr

Postby servantofthelord » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:27 pm

Thank you for your input. This interests me greatly.
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