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Ritual Advice/Workings for Novices

Ritual Advice/Workings for Novices

Postby servantofthelord » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:01 am

As I continue my descent into the pit, I am having trouble with the excess of information available concerning rituals. There are many conflicting view points and arguments concerning proper rites of invocation.

I have only performed one invocation to, I would say, moderate success that I utilized from The Book of the Divine Black Flame of Satan by Vrykolakas Oriax (despite its name, it is not an Anti-Cosmic text). I am aware that as a Devil Worshiper there is not a 'book of books' nor a technically 'correct' process beyond binding workings together in experimental ways to conjure the Lord into your presence. I am also of the understanding that diligence is necessary.

Essentially, I am asking seasoned aspirants of the faith to share their magickal process, along with notes/procedure, that have allowed them to remove the autumnal veil to glimpse the darkness permeating creation.

I would love to learn what you know and have those with actual experience help guide me in my infernal endeavors.
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