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a Lecture by a fat guy about how he thinks the universe is.

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a Lecture by a fat guy about how he thinks the universe is.

Postby Nononichi » Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:45 pm

Hello, I am new to this forum so i thought i should share some of my ideas and thoughts on the occult, Nature of the soul, and afterlife. [happyface]

The first topic i would like to talk about is the nature of the soul itself. The soul according to me is a little like the memory of where your consciousness has been sticking to it like mud on the bottom of a boot, never mind the negative connotations this may bring to mind. i should also mention that i think there is three types of souls, Human, Animal, and Astral. The Animal soul has a tendency to stay within the material plane, Reincarnating endlessly into new bodies ad Nausea. The Astral soul stays almost strictly within the astral plane, Forever existing in their form until an external force alters it. And then there is the human soul, Which skates the line between the planes, when it dies in the physical it shifts to the astral and Vice Versa. this is the first part of this thread, i will continue later.
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