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1st & 2nd Cut of the Kuji-Kiri

Emergent or individual religions, small groups or individualised, modern practices.

1st & 2nd Cut of the Kuji-Kiri

Postby Haelos » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:33 pm


These two links will outline how to perform the first two cuts of the Kuji-Kiri/Kuji-In.
This is not a "traditional" method, this is simply how I learned to perform them, from a seemingly-reliable book I obtained.

There will be these and many other topics covered on my blog, which is updated almost daily!
I share a lot of personal information that won't be found through anything except your own hardwork and dedication. Information few books cover.
"God is an imprecise name for the only thing in the universe that actually exists."
Tell me what you know about darkness, and I will tell you about the light.
Selected Contributions;
Planetary Associations of Common Intoxicants
The Mysteries of Death

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