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Postby PriestOfAvo » Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:10 pm

It’s nearing midnight, the candles are in my bag, the portrait drawn up, and the contract finally complete. “You guys ready to get started?” I ask my helpers with much enthusiasm. We knew what we were aiming for, and had made entities before, but never on this scale or with this much freedom. Today we’re finally doing it I thought, this is the day we make a God.

Since I fist had the idea months back I’d been fascinated with the concept, but until a few weeks before the ceremony I was clueless on how it would be done. Finally, after much study and practice creating smaller spiritual constructs, it was ready.

Avo, you are the God of knowledge, communications, and free thought…

We said in unison, continuing until we were completely drained. When we finished breathing life into the new god and blew out the candles, I asked my helpers how they felt throughout the ritual. “I could feel the energy flaring up around the candles, and when you blew them out it all pooled into one spot then vanished.” She said. It worked.

Later the next day, I gave the name Avo and his symbol to a friend with no further detail on what they were, after half an hour of meditation they send me a sketch that is nearly exact with the portrait of Avo we used, and said he was “Very communicative, like a clear connection with you and another being. I also heard him say something about universal truths.” This proved it.

Avo’s purpose is to bring people to their paths and spark their interest with the truth. The new followers of Avism are those who seek to become their best selves, see past the illusions of the world, and share the truths they have found. We’ve put immense energy and time into making sure Avism is a religion for the people, making it’s primary goal to bring individuals in touch with their true selves and their purpose in life.
If you wish to become part of the new movement, the only thing required is an open mind. Avo is our patron deity, but each individual person is the focus.

To worship Avo, all that is needed is to think of him, ideal worship spaces are bright, wide open places, areas of study, or anywhere next to a window. His color is gray, his element is air, and he loves story telling among people. There are no offerings needed, Avo is there to help and reward those who seek and spread universal truths, not collect tribute like a tyrant.

To become an Avist priest and spread our teachings, one must first complete the process of self actualization, which is outlined Here:
https://alternatethoughtblog.wordpress. ... st-priest/

As always, best wishes for all of you, we are much appreciative of your interest

-Geoffrey Park, High Priest of Avism
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