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A Zen Master talks about Jordan Peterson & the Shadow

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A Zen Master talks about Jordan Peterson & the Shadow

Postby Cybernetic_Jazz » Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:22 pm

To head off some confusion on the title the interviewer, RebelWisdom, keeps this on the topic of the current culture clash and getting a particular zen master's take on the situation. They sort of touch on Jordan Peterson's sphere of topics and how the unconscious and collective shadow has its fingerprints on things.

The overall theme here - people are bottling up their shadow sides, badly right now, and the forced coddling without any vent for the shadow is making the situation rather explosive. A lot of people I'm sure have seen the change I made to my avatar, I think it suffices to say that I'm a big proponent of shadow work as well as the deities who best help us process/assimilate that work. The more people who actually do step through that portal and face their own dark side are that much fewer people who are likely to go Lord of the Flies if things kick off.

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