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How to control my senses

How to control my senses

Postby LoneWolf » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:35 pm

Took a break, lost my temple. Now I've done lbrp, middle pillar and circulation of light daily for some time now again. Probably a year uninterrupted.
Also meditation and concentration practises with some success and constancy.

I don't know how to describe my problem so bear with me.
I feel nearby people. I don't know what it is, their Intention, Sexual impulse, their Thought concentrated on me, I don't know.
It feels somewhat tactile. like a tap on the shoulder or a subtle needle pinch.

It has "always" happened, now that it's getting more severe I've finally correlated it with nearby people.

Example walking in the street, I could feel a subtle touch on my back/shoulder/ass/neck which will never happen with nobody behind me.
Example 2 standing next to somebody who is angry at me I'd feel physical pain on the Crown whenever a hateful thought (I imagine) pops up to their imagination.
Proved this last case easily since making them present to the moment by saying a word or staring (or me touching my head as if I'd shake something off it) interrupts the pain.
Example 3 somebody on another room wants to tell me something or is thinking about me (thinking in a somewhat active, willful manner) I feel the same crown pressure as Example 2 but this time more subtle and doesn't hurt.

This sensations somewhat correlates to the Chakra system. I used to only feel shoulder and arms, but now Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, Root, Ears, Cheeks, quadriceps...

Haven't correlated the nature of the hypothetical cause with the region of the body I feel the subtle touch.

It's somewhat cool and might be useful, yet I recieve a very strong impression on my Heart almost daily which hurts a lot which is most days correlated to another person who lives with me, coming back home, or waking up. Feels like a stab. This is my big problem. It hurts and most of all annoys me greatly. (Checked with a doctor, Heart is fine)

Also sometimes it's difficult to concentrate with certain known people around me due to feeling stuff.

Imagining golden protective "shields" and things of that nature throughout the day make it to hurt less whenever this Heart stab comes, yet it's not enough. And it doesn't totally stop the more subtle impressions either.

I thought that maybe the heart stab is voodoo, yet I don't believe in that crap.
I thought that it might be nasties or bullshit attached to me, but seeing my daily practice and good habits it is pretty unlikely.

Somebody with similar experiences?
How do I turn this sensing temporarily off? I don't want it to go since it's somewhat beneficial.
What do I do about the heart stabbing? Curse? But how(and who?)?
Thought also about some sigil like: "those whose intent hurts me get pain until they stop projecting it" How do I properly word it?

Any help or experience is deeply appreciated

Be happy to answer any question to clarify the situation
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Re: How to control my senses

Postby LoneWolf » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:40 am

Shameless bump
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