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Free Book on Anarchism and the Occult/Mysticism/Paganism

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Free Book on Anarchism and the Occult/Mysticism/Paganism

Postby Spiritual Anarchist » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:25 pm

I downloaded this book off of pirate bay, after reading it I knew I had to tell others about it, its probably the most heretical book ever written, the author even asks you to spread it across the internet for free, so here I am and you can download it here

https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/161762 ... _Occultism)

its called: The Chronicles of Anarchy, here is the synopsis

Taking the view that all true spirituality is inherently Anarchist at it's core, this pdf book is a comprehensive examination of the many links between Anarchism, the Occult and Mysticism. It is presented within the broad framework of a modern myth and poetry and tells the story of a young punk Anarchist writer, who discovers the magickal nature of reality and so decides to write a book to spread awareness and spiritual anarchism. However it also heavily researched and like so many spiritualities, it uses this mythology as a vehicle for transmitting the mysteries, with the majority of the book being the prosaic teachings of the protagonist. It assumes no knowledge on the part of the reader and provides introductions to the topics discussed, before going on to more original and in depth ideas. While a history of spiritual anarchists and the theocratic black magicians that oppose them is given to provide context, this book focuses more on integrating mystical and magickal teachings from around the world and creating a detailed and modern Anarchist spirituality that suits the individual. It also provides a variety of practical ritual meditative techniques for creating an Anarchist consciousness, as well as using magick for activist and Anarchist purposes. If you were ever looking for an Anarchist grimoire, this is it! One of the main themes of the book is the global use of psychedelics or “entheogens” for spiritual purposes and how they can be utilized for overcoming the counter-revolutionary aspects of the mind. The book also explains how Occult techniques can be used to help direct the trips for expanding consciousness and performing magick. (especially DMT and Salvia Divinorum) Another primary theme is how language and “memes” apply to fractals, how Noam Chomsky's notion of “universal grammar” was actually discovered by Occultists along with the scientific method, but also how language shapes human consciousness, politics and the world around us. Other topics include an Occult interpretation of the historical origins of the monetary and legal systems, as well as the origins of Judaism, Christianity and governments through theocracy. Inside you will find explanations for how art and “memes” can be used for Anarchist propaganda, how ritual and magick apply to “neuroplasticity” and how all these things can literally shape our brains either to create free will, or as a form of brainwashing. This book explains theocracy as the root of all hierarchy which is itself the result of a kind of Obsessive compulsive memetic brain virus created by "black magicians." All this and much more is found within, while the epilogue explains groundbreaking political interpretations of “The Cube of Space,” Solomonic magick, Enoch and the Watchers, Gnosticism and world mythology in general. Here the author shows how this mythology relates to a meteorite death cult and ancient astronomical events, atomic theory, numerology and sacred geometry. It also gives advanced ideas on reconstructing an old world form of Alchemical Tantric Shamanism and how magick squares can be utilized with set theory to create the philosopher's stone in your brain!
A chapter by chapter synopsis is given in the table of contents
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Re: Free Book on Anarchism and the Occult/Mysticism/Paganism

Postby chowderpope » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:43 pm

Not really interested, thanks though. I guess.
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