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Free Book Promotion

Postby Candy Ray » Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:12 pm

My fiction books are free on ‘Read An Ebook Week’ from 4-10 march 2018

New recently released Novella ‘The Rescue Circle’
This is serious visionary occult fiction about psychopomps and mediumship.

Novella ‘Copying A Master’ channelled from Ino

Short Stories ‘Chaos Dreams Part 1’ channelled from Ino

Short Stories ‘Chaos Dreams Part 2- Astral Tales’

I write about the astral plane, the afterlife, mediums and psychics, portals and other worlds. Ino is a chaos egregore know as ‘the muse’, derived from a demon that has been around a long time and she writes stories about human beings in various historical times and places, especially magicians and pagans.

If you love these books please consider buying my first novella ‘The Wizard From Vahan’ ( science fiction/fantasy) which I can’t make free because it is published by Night Horse.
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wizard-Vahan-C ... bc?ie=UTF8

I also wrote 'Alchemical Journey' which was very popular on this forum a few years ago.
New on my blog: articles about fiction writing and the occult: https://candyrayblog.wordpress.com/
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