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The Mercy

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The Mercy

Postby neofight » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:43 am

How do you do, oh knave?
I see that sword you bravely wave!
It shines and is bright and Im sure it cuts!
What dragon will you slay today?

Or is it weeds that you cut with your shiny blade?
Is it a path you forge through jungles?
Will you use it on beast and Man, or vegetation and, how can you tell which is which?

We are able to navigate it with our little vessel
And in it we find TRUTH and LIE
And only our heart can tell us what those are

When the heart is open it sees with the True Eye
And the mind, busy at cataloging what the heart knows
Conjures in the magicians cauldron, ideas
Which form into words, by the grace of the Gods that gave us language

And what do you suppose the Gods of language desire?
Why this gift, of earth and fire?
Do they want you to cut thru the black, to find the dragon and attack?
And how do you know, without the heart, at what you aim
Where do you start?

You start with what is, and what has been said
The thoughts and designs that lay on our head
This is what we are at the Mercy of,
And is this Good for God above?

Every child knows Truth
And many Man deny it
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