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Slay them

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Slay them

Postby neofight » Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:54 pm

I call upon the Gods for justice! Vengeance against the liberal and the conservative! Neither side is who they claim to be, and both are guilty of ignorance! Let them face one another in their way- which is war, and let them destroy one another in their false identity of enlightenment! Curses upon those that claim to hold Truth, for none can possess Her but the honest, and these people are far from that, for they lie to themselves and pretend, and claim power that is not deserved! Fall, fall, oh Evil men! Let the fires of Hell claim your souls as you proclaim your Truth to the uncaring Gods! I call upon the Creator to destroy this filth, and defeat their pride with the terror of His demons! Destroy their property, for they are the cause of our suffering! Die oh Evil men, die! Cast them off this plane and into their own Hell of prejudice and bigotry! Let them be shed of our sacred place, the Earth- which is home of your simple creature Man. Let fall your wrath unto these warmongers and hateful, unto these bastards of the mind and the body! Send us your armies! Disease, pestilence, death! Claim these unrighteous and cleanse our home!
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