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An Occult Scientist’s Introduction

Announce your presence, if you will.

An Occult Scientist’s Introduction

Postby adam.letrexane » Thu Dec 27, 2018 3:08 am

Hello to you all; name’s Adam. While I’ve had an account here for a long time, I’ve never posted until now, so though it appropriate to start with an introduction. In brief, I’m a PhD candidate in medical biochemistry who also has an intense interest in the occult, unraveling mysteries, and pursuing ‘impossible’ feats.

Some Facts About Me

Name: Adam
Age: 25
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: PhD Candidate in Medical Biochemistry
Specialty: Biological Ageing & Age-Related Disease

Occult Interests: Evocation; Shapeshifting; Telekinetics; Life Extension; ‘Impossible Feats’
Occult Path: Mixed, but predominantly Goetic

Currently searching for meaning in life.

Above everything, what I believe I need at this stage is to prove to myself beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Other Side and it’s noncorporal inhabitants objectively exist.
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