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The formula for Truth

The formula for Truth

Postby neofight » Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:40 am

The Truth is that we want to be free, but more True than our liberty is our need to co-operate for our survival. So, we cannot be as free as we would like. In this restrained system, we need to work to protect ourselves, and we need to work together so that we survive as a whole, because we are one entity as a species that unites and governs our share of the Earth. Another Truth is that pain and harm, aggression, violence and anger are offensive. As we move about, we need to protect our freedom, and not harm others, or insult them with angry action, because that is bad Wisdom. Violence begets violence, and causing harm creates an enemy, and an enemy will have revenge. This cycle needs to stop. When we unite in the name of Love, as in a relationship of some nature, we need to follow these rules, and the social contract should be as revered as the contract that we enter for those we Love. This will create a world united, and Good, and in line with what Man naturally knows and wants.
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Re: The formula for Truth

Postby Cerber » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:03 am

Again? You discovered the grand Truth of all truths again? It's like every other day now.. I'm sorry you have to go through such troubles, sounds very tiring, all these never ending discoveries and truth. Locked in a circle of perpetual rediscovery?.. [happy2]
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