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A method of reading and interpreting dreams of future events

A method of reading and interpreting dreams of future events

Postby Cerber » Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:08 pm

Sharing my method of doing such thing as part of the personal agreement. Might not be of any use to all the battle hardened experienced seers out there. But for few others it might in some way serve as an alternative reference point, who knows. In these cases "future" not so much about the grand events, but more of a mundane daily navigation of my pathways and how do I go about it. I'll try and keep short and straight to the point, only few real examples, interpretations and real outcomes.

The Dream:
I'm stuck in this basement like, small space. Seemed to be fairly crowded with unfamiliar grey faces. But there one face that popped out - an Asian girl. A moment later I found my self sitting or laying in a bed with her and talking, no sexual activities just talking for a long while. Still in the same basement like environment with all the people around. But at some point we got up and went to look for the way out of there.

The Interpretation:
I ignore, or rather shift aside all the imagery and extract the symbols. A confined environment, unclear if in physical or psychological, spiritual sense. Probably it's more about how it will feel. One VIP while everyone else is irrelevant. I'm meant to or will get close to that person. Bed always symbolises close personal intimate space and there was only two of us in that space. Her main distinctive feature is her race. And we will leave that environment together, or I will lead us out.

The actual reality that fallowed :
So there I was once again unemployed, just came back to capital after some not very smart short detour to some god forsaken backwater town. I was looking for some new way to pay my bills and after one week I was beginning to feel a bit desperate. Then came one offer, but I turned down (he disrespected me and there is no level of despair in which I would let that slide [grump] ). And than I got a call from some shop I didn't know I applied for, a weird guy with weird accent asking me to come for an interview. So I'm coming and it's very small, very confined, I felt depression sinking in just entering that place, it's a bloody mess and filth all over, it was pure horror, in other words - perfect. I hated being there most of the time, but I felt it was the right place for me, in some sadomasochistic way. And at that time everything in my life was so messed up that I was virtually stuck there with no way out in foreseeable future.
There was that little quiet Asian girl working, so small and quiet I didn't really noticed her for few months until I accidentally looked in to her eyes and some weird sense of familiarity hit me.. Long story short. We got married and I played part in us ditching that employer after quite a few long and very uncomfortable years in that state confinement.

The Dream:
Again, two of us laying in a bed talking - me and my wife now. In our flat. There is nothing around just one weird unknown black guy sitting on a chair nearby, smiling and looking at us. I felt intimidated by his presence, I didn't want him there, but he seemed to be very comfortable, a bit too comfortable.

The Interpretation:
Bed again - personal intimate space shared two people, me and my wife. Some unfamiliar guy uncomfortably close to that personal space eyeing us..

The actual reality that fallowed :
This was a bit hard at first, didn't make any sense to me. Again the personal intimate space, but the meaning of that guys (whose main distinctive feature was his skin colour) sitting very close to that personal space of ours was a mystery to me, since at that time there was no such person around, at least not that close, to my knowledge, at least not until my wife began to talk about her fitness trainer with a bit more excitement and admiration in her voice than what I would consider acceptable. Shortly after, things began to drift a bit sideways, when I caught her lying few times, once about who's class she was attending that day in a gym (I knew his name so I checked her gym's website who's at work) and the other time she lied about why she coming home from gym from the opposite way (the truth was that somebody gave her a lift home, not hard to guess who, and she just wasn't careful enough to go around the block and took the shortest path). So one day we talked about it like a grown up people and she had a choice to make, to stay with what we have or go out looking for greener pastures without me. Well she choice to cancel her membership and have a baby instead. Was it smart decision? I'll leave that for you to decide [happy]

There some examples which outcome not so clear because those influenced me in making some decision or jumping lanes on my pathways, so there is no way of knowing now how would have things played out if I haven't did changes that I did. I might post some of those later if there will be any interest.

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