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Question: Regarding Occult Book Types

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Question: Regarding Occult Book Types

Postby Camniel » Thu Dec 20, 2018 8:14 am

Hi all,
I've been working on writing a fantasy/book series but have hit a couple snags with trying to be accurate about how certain types of occult or divinely oriented books are named or categorized. I've been researching every search combination I could think of but Google is being extremely uncooperative with this lol. I'm hoping someone here can help me :)

I know that encyclopedias about animals, especially mythical or magical ones, were sometimes referred to "Bestiaries" - but what if the encyclopedia was regarding Gods, Demons, or Angels specifically and did not include any animals. What is the correct term for something like that?

At first I thought "Grimoire" but that doesn't seem right since there wouldn't be any information on rituals or the like in the type of book I'm thinking of, which instead is more anecdotal and encyclopedia like providing summaries of each god, goddess, demon, or angel. I've seen some interesting titles for encyclopedias of angels (etc.) but so far all the titles are either too specific and refer only to that particular book's title or are simply using common words like "encyclopedia" instead.

I did some browsing on this forum for some answers too but didn't see anything - so if this has been answered before somewhere I'd greatly appreciate a link to the proper page :)

Thanks in advance!
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