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demon of the first night

demon of the first night

Postby loki_lazuul_nazuul_azuul » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:44 pm

i worship the well of eternal darkness sometimes and faraohgods by sacrificing a candle to them.
since i worshipped the well of eternal darkness my dark soul has become:DEMON OF THE FIRST NIGHT.
this is a huge honour.
a demon of the first night; MAGIC FROM GOD!!!!!!! OFCOURSE 1ST NIGHT!
okay i wil try to chant a few names azim nakul shazula alak shazula give me the staf of azira
okay a magical relic.
sacririce to the soul of my sorcery staff.
my sorcery staff is a magical soul i have created with magic so by sacrificing a demon relic i make my sorcery staff more powerfull.
this is how my system works.
true power can be found in THE 1ST DARKNESS.
the 1ST darkness is the friend of the light.
demons are older then humans and the dimension where i work with is the dimension of the demons of the first night.
every demon knows sorcery.
so i want my soul to become a demon. a real demon.
i feel honourable and dark and friendly not evil.
i have started writing occult books for FREE.
you can all download my books here:
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