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My final statement

My final statement

Postby neofight » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:28 pm

Greetings, I am a student of Aiwass, a sage that gave the Master Therion the Book of the Law, which is a book of liberty, and love, and a method of finding peace. The message of Aiwass is many faceted, being of the three fold nature of Magick. There is Black Magick, which is to control the Will of another under some pretense of bringing them under control for the sake of an order that only the priest of the Order of Black Magick has decreed. There is White Magick, which was the goal of Aliester Crowley, which is to free Man from such restraints of the Black. I am of the Indigo- which is to find understanding in the world of Chaos and bring peace to the souls within the realm of experience, thereby offering clarity so as to participate in the life, and to find the love that they desire.
Philosophers throughout the Ages have tried to define and detail the life of Man, offering many versions of Truth, stating that they know the Natural Law, and give us the advice of how to live among one another under it. For Nietzsche it is strength and power, for Crowley, much like Nietzsche, it is the power to be free to do your Will. For myself, a student of Chesed and not Gevurah, it is the power of Love. When Man has declared a Natural Law, they are able to define interaction among one another that the philosopher hopes will satisfy the life of Man and bring unity. This Natural Truth will vary on the observer, and what the needs of their Age and society may be. Unfortunate in some ways, but glad tidings in others, Man will never meet this together. It is unfortunate because there will always be conflict in the life of Man, until such a time that Man has defeated not only the elements, but Death Herself- in which case, there will still be contest, except now with no consequences. It is fortunate, because one of the great reasons for the life of Man is the secret to the fall of Eve; this world is meant to discover the secret of our Desire.
What is Man if not a thing that wants? From birth we find ourselves at the mercy of this action. The first thoughts of fear and wonder are compounded by our need for nourishment. This is the secret to all thought: we find a need and our minds search for its satisfaction. To some, this is the philosophers stone, and for myself, it is a great Truth, but as we cannot all return to our birth and listen to what we decided when we first felt the pangs of hunger, we will never fully master ourselves and the pyramid of mind that we created which greatly affected our current position in life.
This idea that Mans Nature is Desire is not new, and taken from this perspective, one can see why Man has done what they have in the pursuit of securing their needs and their wants. How many desires does Man possess? That is as limited as the objects and environment around them, and the restraints they put upon themselves. For one such as myself, of the Indigo, I am free of Desire, and am able to accept what comes. I will warn those that would pursue this path in the hopes of finding liberty, it is True that liberty will come, but once freed, the student may see no more need to pursue what liberty can be used for, namely; to acquire Desires. Be that as it may, I will now proclaim what I feel I have discovered to be the Nature of Man and hopefully illustrate how this observation will bring Man solidarity.
The Nature of Man is Love. Love is higher than Desire. Desire is the beginning of Love it is True, it starts with the stomach and the reproduction organs and the heart, but at the top of this form named Man is the mind, and the mind is what sets Man aside from the other animals that are only able to pursue Desire; the mind is the next Divine. The lower body is Divine as well, after a different nature than the mind. The mind is able to see beyond the immediate, and can bring Man into a place that defies Nature, and Mans nature. The mind comes from above; an outside presence that bestows on Man the power to salvation. This is not to say that for those who follow Desire there is no salvation, but it is in observing that when one pursues Desire without mind, one may find themselves doing whatever they will so as to accomplish it, and that is not making use of the mind, for the mind is like a camera; it helps us observe ourselves, and when we are able to see the outcome of what we do, and, in combination with the language of the mind process these results, we wind up with the greatest gift of the Gods: conscience.
Conscience is the mind alerting Man to the result of their choices, and the harm that it causes. You may validate this action as only necessary, and in some instances, harm will happen regardless of how the situation is handled, but when one defines the word Love they realize that harm is not meant to unite with Her.
There is love, and there is Love, and as Love begins with Desire, the things we find ourselves wanting we can say we Love. This is True, and often we cannot prevent ourselves from chasing these things. Certainly in life we want to do what we enjoy, and it is True that Man Desires what they need, and in turn find a way to Love the work that brings it about- but the Nature of Man is a particular kind of Love that, when honored, Man can find resolution to war and suffering, indifference and prejudice, and all the other ills that Man complains about when Man becomes conscious of their condition. This natural state which all Man has experience with is the Love of a mate, and the creation of a child, and the nurturing method of caring and nurturing and instructing that child. No one as yet can escape the rearing of their lives at the hands of a gentle family. This is the Natural state of a child and of Man, and when it is done in Good fashion, the child will grow into an adult and will care for their fellow Man and loves with that same Grace.
At this you may balk, for how many can declare that this Love made it to adulthood? We suffer the abuse of adults, and children, and the confusion of education and training our curiosity into a talent, and this Love is not the driving impulse of securing our place in society or the elements, but if it were, it could be assumed that we would no longer find the Will to fight and to steal and to harm one another.
Is this the design of the Gods? That is of much debate. There are certainly some Gods in history that would say otherwise. Should it be the Will of Man to see this become Truth? Some would say that there needs be a competitive Will among Man, or that some people need to be slain, but it is only the ones that do not Love that need to be slain, and so we could argue that it should be the Will of Man to Love, and to perfect Love.
It has not gone unnoticed by the Gods of Love that Man has suffered greatly in Her name, and I will guide you through a process that can help you reclaim the lost Love that you may not remember, or feel you never had, so as to stake your place in the kingdom of the righteous.

As I said, the Natural Truth of Man is to be speculated upon by philosophers and common folk alike, and it is only after great searching did I find mine, and it may not be yours, but you can adopt it if you like. Man does more than Love, and the life of Man is effort to secure their place on this plane. Should you not see the beauty of this Love, I cannot condemn you, for it is not so easy to see when one has passed through some of the horrors and hardships of a world that is in motion.
Now I will teach you what the True Qabalists know, and what the magicians of the higher grades will understand. All of life is in motion, and in that motion, all is Chaos (or so it would appear). It is Chaos because we are separate entities with different experiences and different observations and interpretations of our surroundings, and the names and titles of people that we interact with have been represented in varied ways, and so there is no "one" definition of a role that we can all agree to have witnessed. With that being said, one of the goals of the magician on the path of Aiwass is to strip away all notions and refine their observation of the world and the people in it to the fundamental method that should be expected from a natural view of their role in society. This is done through deconstruction of the life of the mage, and the disassembling of the person as they analyze their actions and reactions, their observations and interactions, and the education they received. This is the only slightly concealed meaning behind the name Aiwass- it translates easily into "I was", which is the act of re-examining what was contemplated and decided by declaring the self from the point of view of reflection, an advanced stage of contemplation, meant to be done at later years of Wisdom.
Where potentially once in youth, the dissatisfied child believed that in order to bring about greater light and Truth was to inject Chaos into the life, the mature magician finds themselves examining Chaos, rather than criticizing Order. Therefore the Mage enters the Abyss through the gate of Chaos in an attempt at organizing it into perfection. This method can be used for any task, and it is Hell.
On their own, the magician can find their way to their Truth, but as a Qabalist, the magician is aided by the Tree of Life, a symbol set of ideas that are present in the examination of the life of Man as they walk this plane. The Tree of Life provides insight into the various aspects of the life that must be considered as the mage organizes their actions in accordance to these fundamental points that will be encountered. Outside of a system, or within Thelema, there is no guarantee what will be created, and it is up to the magician to peer as deeply into themselves and their past, and the definitions of Truth that they pursue, to find meaning. When it is done, the magician will have vision, and know right action according to their Will. A word of caution here: the Will of the magician is greatly polluted. We are exposed to Truth that is only True in certain aspects, and often we are at the mercy of flawed definitions of the role and method that should be engaged in the name of basic ideas. Remember, mage, that this world has Laws, and the Laws and roles that defined the experience are set in place by those that represent them, and when your definition is not met with satisfaction, you might take issue with the Law itself. Be careful when you wander away from safety of Law, for the choices you make now will affect the future of our security for ourselves and our children, who in their turn learn from what you leave in your trail. As a man of Love, I can declare that in order to represent this Truth in the light that I have defined, there is an endless amount of errors being made upon one another. Should your Will be Love, then you will see what fair Law is meant to provide us, and you will recognize the safety that they provide. Should your definition of Love be askew, you might find reason to break these Laws, or to act according to some other definition of Good, which will offend Man on a level that cannot be ignored, because all of Man begins their understanding of the Nature of Man by watching their parents and friends interact in the name of Love. Essentially mage, we are at the mercy of our ignorant reactions to the ignorant actions of those that we are told Love us, and in our failure to understand, we become creatures that fail Her as well, and She is our savior, who can part the Sea of hate, and bring Man to peace and prosperity.

Though this kind of vision is Good for the family of Man- that two lovers unite and raise a family with Love, and they go out into the world and treat one another as a loving family, the reality is far from the ideal. Because the force and fire within us that leads us to the conscious recognition of Love is a power of hunger and Desire, something that calls for satisfaction, the indulgence of which will overcome sensibility, Man will find among themselves a wolf that will pick the pockets of the loving family and steal their wealth for their own interests. This is the beginning of the tax we apply on fair trade, it is the beginning of taking command of the lovers and forcing them to do our labor. It is the beginning of the end of peace, and the start of contest, and should you fail at this, your family may wind up poor, and dead. To put it in a religious sense, the soul of Man belongs to the Devil, and if the Devil is in control of Man, and there is an afterlife, the Devil only honors His own. Such is the state of the mind and language, and the ability to see past the immediate Desire. Such is the state of the Good, and the power of Evil.
If one wishes to align themselves with their ideal, it is a simple matter of examining Chaos- be it because there is no Love, or because one is poor, or because ones mathematics do not satisfy the demand of the pattern; Man can enter Chaos- which is our primordial origin, and find the Truth they need to rise in strength and invention, and, with moral or no- make their way through to the end of this life with success. That is Qabala, and that is Magick. Do What Thou Wilt, and if there is a God we do not know, may He have mercy on your soul.
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