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Could this be a love spell?

Could this be a love spell?

Postby AzRain » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:56 pm

Hello all!
I have just registered trying to find some answers in regards to a big problem we are having with our daughter. I am not practitioner, even though i am firm believer in all sorts of magick, and non-practicing pagan (i have a pagan soul).
Recently my daughter who is 19 met a guy in his mid 20's. They were only friends, as she didn't find him attractive at all. However he told her on one occasion that he will make her his, one way or another, to which she just laughed and forgot about it. A week later, she is madly in love with this guy, who by no means is a catch in any sort of way. Still living with parents, dysfunctional family, ten people in one house, low paying job and loads of debt. He is also uneducated, and most bigger words have to be explained to him. My daughter was always a straight A student, just enrolled in college after taking a year off, carrier oriented, attracted to smart and fit guys. This guy is neither.
In less than a week, she started sleeping at his house, and staying there after he leaves for work. On the rare occasions when she'd show up at home, she would tell us about him, but always about the things she didn't like about him. I can't think about one single thing actually that she liked about his body or his mind whatsoever. So i started asking questions, and it turned out that shortly upon two of them meeting, his mother made him a love bracelet. He had lived with two girls previously, and relationships ended badly, but apparently he blamed them for it. More questions i'd ask, more suspicions i got that something was done to my daughter to fall in love with him.
The entire relationship was weird from the get go. If she sleeps at his house, and comes home sometimes afternoon the next day, he will be at our house shortly after, until they leave for the night again. Yesterday he wanted to stay at our house, with my husband and me, while my daughter was at work, which weirded me out so bad! Somehow, it seems he is always here, and she is always with him, but it's very hard to explain.
We are now on 40 days of them dating. My daughter is no longer speaks to her dad or me (starting last night), she has blocked us from all social media. We just had a giant fight yesterday, and he inserted himself into it, which created even bigger rift in the family.
The facts that i have is a "blessed" love bracelet, which he wears. There are bunch of his shirts around my house that he brought over for her to sleep with. The room they sleep in at his house is a "special" blessed room. They are latinos, who don't go to church, no bible in the house but lots of Lady of Guadalupe statues all around, which points to santeria. My daughter went 1-10 in less than a week, and practically got stolen from us.
My husband and I are heartbroken. She is all we have, and i just know in my gut and my heart that this is not real love. I have to do something. I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice on how to handle a potential spell that his mother made. Is there a way to bind her? To break it? I am willing to do anything!
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Re: Could this be a love spell?

Postby Desecrated » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:27 pm

There are breakup spells. But the consequences of it can be pretty ugly.
To get enough power to end a relationship you often need to end another one, So you might get this guy off your daughter, but at the same time you'll probably be breaking your relationship with her as well. Or your own marriage.
But if you are willing to do that, I can point you in the right direction.

But before that. Are you 100% sure that she isn't just going through a late teenage phase? it wouldn't be the first time a perfectly normal girl has fallen for an asshole.
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Re: Could this be a love spell?

Postby LoneWolf » Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:51 pm


Magick is something that happens all the time. You can with more or less focus and strength do such process in a deliverate manner but it is a never ending action. Whenever you think you are doing magick. Therefore it is really hard to tell what situations were influenced by a willing intense process and which ones didn't. It seems like it to me, though.

What i believe is a greater feat of magic is the fact that, (excuse me), your daughter started a relationship 40 days ago and you both have been unable to talk to her about it in a assertive manner. What the fuck? You can't tell if your daughter is in love without talking to her. Do so. And do it properly, no shouts that end in mayhem.

It is also worth noting the fact that love is not in most part a rational construct holded in the lovers mind. Don't jump to conclusions if she can't give you 10 rational reasons why she likes him, however, try to percieve it for yourself using her answers.

I will make two questions. Did you let him stay yesterday? Is he her first partner?

Desecrated wrote:Are you 100% sure that she isn't just going through a late teenage phase? it wouldn't be the first time a perfectly normal girl has fallen for an asshole.

I feel this too. And by how the parent-child relation looks like it is probable she got hooked by some asshole.

I would also recommend worrying a bit less. It is part of life. She will probably get played and messed with (in a non dangerous way) and she will learn from it. If it gets to the point where it really seems fucked up, I would personally talk with the guy. However I would prefer my daughter to become aware of the situation and act by herself. This way she learns from it and will not keep toxic relationships in the future.

What you should worry about is your relationship with your daughter. Nurture it.

Wish you well.
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Re: Could this be a love spell?

Postby AzRain » Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:22 pm

Thank you both for your replies. I think you are both right, it could be a little of either. I don't know. He is her first boyfriend and first sexual partner. She does complain about his body, a lot. Apparently, the entire "sex thing" isn't what she hoped for either. That baffles me even more. If this guy is unable to satisfy her sexually, challenge her intellect or appease her visually, how can she still fight with both of us and scream that she likes him? Frankly, he's a punk. She now started to talk the way he does, behave the way he does, and overall her behavior just plain sucks.
Two of us are very attached, we kinda have Norman and Norma Bates relationship (minus the incest, of course), but it's something that we were both proud of, for i don't know what reason. She does get angry swiftly, and so do i, but we make up rather fast and move on until the next fight. It's a normal thing in our house.
Now with him in the picture, we can't do that any longer. I call him a supervisor. He is always there, and if not physically then online, always ready to post lovey dovey crap on her wall. She is no longer interested in repairing fights, nor she is interested in listening to reason.
The bracelet on his arm worries me, that's the part that is killing me and keeps me awake at night. Just the thought that someone maybe somehow altered her emotions is enough to make me cry.
I am not willing to risk my marriage with a break up spell. I think i more hoped for some kind of a protection spell, or something along those lines, since this entire thing just doesn't seem natural to me. This guy is on a quest to procreate, and i don't want her to come out of this with 2-3 kids hanging off of her arm wondering what in the heck hit her.
But then again, maybe her self esteem is just that low that she fell for a first guy who fed her bunch of crap.
In any case, it's parents who stay behind, heartbroken.
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