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Acceptable use policy

This policy is intended to allow for members of this community to exercise freedom of speech, while maintaining harmony.  The conditions set out are for the protection of both the site and its users.

Moderators are available to assist you, should you require it, please contact us in such an event, and we will endeavor to set things right where we can.  We can not monitor every post that is contributed, however if you find something which violates the terms of use, please bring it to our attention.

The terms and conditions constitute a legally binding contract. 

Upon accepting the terms and conditions of this site, you agree to the following:

1. Money
A. Occult Forum.org is a non-profit organisation, we will never ask you for payment or donations. Anyone who claims to be a member of the administration, and asks you for money is violating the first condition, please report this to us, as this is a bannable offence, which may entail police involvement.

B. It is forbidden to ask for money in exchange for goods, services, training etc. This server is based in the UK, where charging money for occult services can see you charged with fraud, should you fail to deliver consistent results to a court.  This law is shared in many places in the world.  Any person requesting any form of payment or donation will be banned from the site, and reported to the authorities.

2. Behaviour
A. You may not post anything which is malicious, or designed to offend. Swear words and undue profanity are discouraged, and discrimination on grounds of race, gender, age, sexuality, body weight, religious beliefs, disability, or any other quality protected by UK equality laws, is forbidden and will result in an immediate ban, and deletion of your posts.

B. Your contributions should be within the scope of the discussion at hand, and and of an occult nature in general. Off-topic discussions should be kept to the off-topic areas, and we reserve the right to move or remove anything which is deemed inappropriate.

C. No references to the personality of any person may be made, except where that person has expressly permitted it, or where that person has initiated a discussion on it, of which it is the main topic. 

D. You may not post anything which has been emailed to you without the express permission of the sender.  You may still forward email to the forum administration, should you feel that this is appropriate.

E. Any attempt to extract or export contact information from this site without the express permission of the individuals or administration, for any unauthorised external use will be deemed breech of terms of service, for which you will be banned from the site, and reported to the proper authorities where appropriate.

F. Advertising of any goods or services is forbidden, except where expressly approved by the administration.

G. Any attempt to circumvent or manipulate your access rights will be met with disciplinary action, this may entail banning and/or contacting the relevant authorities where appropriate.

H. All posts are subject to the terms of the Gnu Free Documentation License, although the original poster may request that their posts be retracted should they choose.

I. You may not create accounts using throwaway email addresses with domains such as mailinator.com

3. Disputes
A. In the event that your username is in dispute, we will require information to verify your ownership of the username.  You must send us the name of the Internet Service Provider you used at the time of membership, and the city from which you posted.  If the dispute is settled in your favour, your username will be changed to the disputed username.  If your username is disputed, and not settled in your favour, we may change your username to something else.  This may be assigned to a temporary username until you are able to pick another for yourself.

B. If your username is changed by an administrator because of condition 3.A, you may request a new username, which we will assign to you at the earliest possible time.  This should also be sent to dispute@occultforum.org

C. No impersonating other users, no duplicate accounts.

4. Liability
A. By participating in any discussion, or contributing content of any form, you release Occult Forum.org and all of its administration from any responsibility for your communications.  You accept full responsibility for any breech of any form of intellectual property right, such as copyrights, any breech of confidentiality, any obscenity, defamatory statements, anything libellous or slanderous, anything which incites racial, religious, or sexual hatred or discrimination, and anything else which violates any law of the United Kingdom.

B. You accept all damages, losses, claims and costs (including without limitation fines and expenses arising out of or incurred in conducting or defending any proceedings) arising from your actions.

C. We, the administration of Occult Forum.org reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time.

5. Privacy
A. Occult Forum.org will not share your private data (e.g. real name, email address) with any other organisation, except for purposes outlined below.  Some information (Such as your username and posts) are visible to anyone who visits the forum; this is simply an aspect of how forums work, you acknowledge and accept that your posts may be displayed here, along with your username and avatar, and that this is visible publically.

B. OccultForum.org may use automated services to post summaries, or entire bodies of your posts to services such as Facebook and Twitter, by accepting these terms and conditions, you allow OccultForum.org to post links to your posts here onto these services.

C. OccultForum.org may use your email address to invite you to our social networking presences.