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Occultforums.com has, for some time now, been a home to many an occultist, and starting point for many a journey into the unknown.  Over the years of service, thousands of opinions and hundreds of thousands of posts on the subject were collected in one accessible location.

Late in 2008, the site went down.  Little has been revealed of why exactly this came to pass, however it seemed all those years of collective work were lost.  Vanished into the ether from whence they came.

Months passed, people moved on and looked for new homes online, and many forums received a large influx of new users.  The knowledge stored in Occultforums.com was thought by many to be lost, forever.

By chance, I found myself presented with an opportunity.  I was offered the archive of posts from Occultforums.com.  Right place, right time.

Hardly an offer one refuses Innocent

Occult Forum ArchiveWe were given the database tables containing the posts, threads, and names of the forum boards.  Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, we were not permitted to have the user information tables, or private message tables.  There were some fears that the information could be used in an unwholesome manner; for mass spam or identity theft purposes, which raised too many questions of data protection to be allowed. 

Additionally, this is an entirely new platform for this data, the password encryption is somewhat different, so we would be unable to bring your account across with your old password.  You would need to reset your password, which would be roughly the same amount of work as registering again.  It was made clear that under no circumstances would we be given your private messages, and to update all of the posts with the original poster data would require taking the site offline for up to 24 hours to correct it. 

Even were we able to create your account for you, and bypass the verification stage, you would have no private messages, and no posts to your name.  It would also be a violation of your rights for us to assume your consent to our terms and conditions. You must accept the terms for membership, which means you must tick the box on the registration form.

Please try to think of it as a fresh start, we regret that we could not bring your accounts across, but we hope that you will join us here to start again, only this time with the posts intact.

On the plus side, it does prune out countless accounts which were created, used once, and forgottten.

We do, however, understand that you may wish to resume using your old username, and there is a posibility that someone else could be using it.  We would give priority to the original owner of the name in this situation.  Attached to each post in the database, is the IP address of the original poster.  From this, we can determine which ISP and roughly which city it was posted from. 

On request, we will investigate username disputes by this system: we will call a list of IP addresses for the username which is in dispute from the database, and corresponding dates, we will then determine the most-used ISP, and most probable city from which the posts came.  You will be required to send an email to us at dispute@occultforum.org stating the internet service provider you were using, and city you were posting from at the time. You may also be required to verify that your IP address is still within the appropriate ranges.

If we are able to verify what you have told us, then we will rule in your favour, and change your username to the disputed username. 

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

We at Occult Forum.org know that these posts are not our data, they are your data. It was you, all of you, who created the content we have returned to you.  No single hand could craft this work, it is the gathered works of thousands of minds; given life, raised to maturity, fallen to silence, and reborn.

We are giving this to you, and we expect nothing in return. 

We hope that you enjoy your stay, and welcome you to the forum.