Mind Games: Rationality (V.S.) Irrationality

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Mind Games: Rationality (V.S.) Irrationality

Post by Kami »

The goal of this mind game is to help us all laugh at our ridiculous paranoia and to move on from it. ~
The rules of this thread are the following:
1.) Only talk about your everyday fears and or paranoid-beliefs.
2.) No trolling nor joking about any O.F. member's threads here on the forum.
3.) No mentioning any member here in the forum in a joking manner, nor indirectly.
I'll start us off:

Sometimes when I am using the bathroom, when I hear people walking by and laughing, I irrationally assume that they have the money to buy "thermal goggles" in order to see me through the wall - giving a shit. >_>

Sometimes when I am in public and am already feeling paranoid or anxiety - when I think to myself, I'll assume that someone who laughs the moment after I have a thought is either telepathic... a highly intuitive body language reader... Or someone with e.e.g. equipment rigged up in such a genius way that they can detect my heart's electromagnetic waves being generated and then decoded... Or that I am whispering my every thoughts without knowing it.

I know better though, that's how I get myself through the day, by challenging my irrational beliefs.

Sure some of them might be possible, but they're not probable.
Rationality is the quality or state of being reasonable, based on facts or reason. Rationality implies the conformity of one's beliefs with one's reasons to believe, or of one's actions with one's reasons for action.
Irrationality is cognition, thinking, talking or acting without inclusion of rationality. It is more specifically described as an action or opinion given through inadequate use of reason, emotional distress, or cognitive deficiency.

Our consciousness is the darkness that envelopes all of the universe; We will live forever because we are the essence that is the absence of light.
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